Building An Attractive Lifestyle To Attract Women

Posted on 2023-03-01

Category: Lifestyle

Part of becoming more of an attractive “male prospect” is building an attractive life. You can bet that guys have used this attraction technique alone to date amazing women and have a great time doing it… You see women aren’t always attracted to YOU but what you can do for them.

If your favourite past times include getting home from work and playing computer games while jacking off I don’t think you will find many women out their keen to jump on board.

Excuse me for being crass here but it’s true – you have to build a lifestyle that women are attracted to.

It’s not just about working on your physical and emotional self but your routines and general day to day activities too. There is a practically of life tends to get in the way of love and life if not taken care of.

Part of this will come back to money

of course. If you are able to provide the financial stability to allow you and your future beauty a trip around the world then that’s obviously going to add to the package.

It’s horrible to think of yourself as a packaged deal but when you buy into love and marriage you have to deal with all the rough edges.

A women is all to aware of how a mans lifestyle is going to affect her and any children she has. You should be aware of the lifestyle choices that your future partner has chosen and how it will affect you in the future.

Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to your daily routine.
Let’s work on creating an attractive lifestyle for you AND your future wife.

Build Your Social Circle

Women admire men with social circles that reach farther than a few mates and a few work colleagues.

Or though this can be hard to maintain or even establish for some people… joining a new club or sports team is a good idea. To become successful with women – first become successful within your group of friends (even if their guys).

In fact by way of pre-selection among males you are able to increase your attraction just by being held in high regard by other men. So a good starting point would be to have a few really great mates… easy enough.

The TV is not broadening your social circle – you might be tired after work but watching re-runs or sinking pints at the pub will not do it for you either. What you really need to do is join a gold club, go do dance classes, join a book/gardening/knitting/chess/sport/cooking/travel club… just get out their and do something other than your current routine. Need some motivation?

10 Reasons To Join A Club

1. Extra Curricular: They look great on applications/resumes

2. Networking: You will find people with similar interests and create life long friendships

3. Awareness: Clubs can be educational and increase your awareness of cultures and current events

4. Assistance: You can help out others by providing your own assistance.

5. Volunteer: For philanthropic reasons

6. Brotherhood: A much needed but often forgotten emotion is one of being apart of something greater than yourself. Being part of some secret society has been an aspiration of men for many years.

7. Enrichment: A better life through positive life experience.

8. Exposure: Get you out of the pub and house and expose you to opportunities to meet women.

9. Growth: Club members are supportive of personal growth.

10. Social: Already stated but obviously the most important – Great opportunity to try out some of the techniques learn here.

If you are not interested in join a group why not create one? This pretty much involves inviting people around to your house for dinner parties and events.

With a little planning and organising you can be the centre of attention just by being the guy who set it all up.

As the party creator you are the automatic leader.

Pick Your Friends Carefully

Friends will have a huge influence in your life so make sure the are:

Easy going

Are your friends – negative drama queens that are usually bitter and resentful about life? If so now would be a time to move away from these people.

Women are attracted to life ambitions and forward thinking men. A dead end job with little interest in future improvements in yourself does little to spark interest in potential dates.

Even if you are trying to create some sort of business but failing miserably… It’s the thought and intention that really counts! Everybody has a passion and a dream that they want to fulfil. Find yours and harness the positive energy it brings. Encouraging others through your positively will increase their faith in your ability. But you need to trust in yourself first before others will trust in you.

Becoming that forward thinking goal orientated man that you want to be wont happen overnight but if you decide to commit yourself to future personal growth and never give up it will happen.

Remember: being a leader… one that takes charge and makes important decisions is very attractive to women. You will automatically become that man if you commit yourself now to a better life in the future. Perhaps you are already successful financially… Use that power to your advantage and continue to be the ambitious leader that you are.

The more things you have going on in your life the more you have to talk about. If all you do is head home and watch TV you will have few topics with which you can use to impress.

So Where Do I Go?

In addition to clubs, go to museums, art galleries, festivals, live gigs, restaurant openings, to the park to play Frisbee, join a theater group, take yoga or dancing classes, or go on a mission to visit every bar in your city and make a map of the most original ones.

Healthy Is The New Sexy

… in fact being healthy has always been sexy.

Overweight people have obvious negative side effects
Underweight women just look weird + associated health effects.

Poor genotype is physically represented as your phenotype (physical appearance) When you say that someone is “sexy” it means that you think they are healthy and reproductively viable.

She could give birth

Or though the meaning of the word sexy has evolved over time to mean different things it always refers to what is healthy and will give you the best chance of reproductive success (money, health, status etc)

Do you drink excessively? Stop NOW
Do you smoke? Work harder to quit
Bad diet?… Why? Learn to cook better food

Replace Bad Habits

Exercise for at least 20 minutes every day!

In addition to a good regular workout, make sure you eat lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, home-cooked meals, salad, cereal, milk… All the classic healthy food.

Final Note On An Attractive Lifestyle


Everyone is naturally attracted to those that are positive. Not over the top life is always roses but at least have a positive outlook and try to see the bright side of life… even if it’s hard to find.